Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Did You File Your Federal and State Taxes?

If you did not file your federal or state taxes, you may not get your financial aid award for next year until you do. The Financial Aid Office will start to award financial aid packages in a few weeks, starting in April so you need to file as soon as possible.

We can do your 2014 federal and state income taxes for FREE as we are a certified Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) center.

Click on this link <> to make an appointment. You can also come to see Shy or Roy to make an appointment.
Also, let all your relatives and friends know as we can prepare taxes for anybody who makes less than $53,000 a year and does not own a home. You do not need to be a TRiO SSS member to qualify for the FREE filing.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

REMINDER: Childcare Fair is Tomorrow, 10:30am to 1pm!

Just a reminder that if you have children and need childcare and more importantly, help with paying for childcare you need to come to the Childcare Fair tomorrow from 10:30am to 1pm.

Paipai o Ko'olau is hosting organizations that provide childcare, help pay for childcare, and provide fun family activities and events here at WCC at the Palanakila Court Yard. Come find out if and how you can qualify for their services.

Organizations include: Center on the Family, Waimanalo Health Center, Kamaaina Kids, Queen Liliuokalani Childrens Center, Hula Preservation Society, Department of Health, Pali View Baptist Preschool, PACT-Koolauloa Early Head Start, Parenting Solutions, Family Hui, and Calvary Preschool.

There will be FREE lunch and Hawaiian music by TRiO SSS's Ho'opono Wong.

Your kids are on break from public school?…Bring your kids for FREE lunch, to get their faces painted and to draw on the sidewalks!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Insightful Comments from a NON-SMOKER Who Supports the Ban

I do support a smoking ban on campus.

However a blanket ban on "smoking" as is stated by the "Windward Community College SMOKE-FREE CAMPUS POLICY" (WCCSFCP) is too wide. UH Policy EP 10.102 defines smoking as:

A. "Smoking," as defined in HRS Chapter 328J-1, means inhaling or exhaling the fumes of tobacco or any other plant material, or burning or carrying any lighted smoking equipment for tobacco or any other plant material.

B. "Tobacco product" means any substance that contains tobacco, including, but not limited to, chewing tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, snuff, smoking tobacco, and smokeless tobacco." [1]

E-cigarettes do not fall under the definition that the UH system uses to define smoking. That in it self would not be a problem if it were not for the fact that the smoking ban " not limited to, the use of cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarettes, cigarillos, and pipes etc."[1]. A ban of this nature includes devices that create smoke and are not under the HRS Chapter 328J-1 definition of smoking. Which brings up the question of what exactly does this proposal ban? The list is considered to be "etc" so who is exactly deciding on what is banned and what is not? As the wording currently stands a chemistry class experiment that may create slightly hazardous smoke will fall under this ban.

On the purpose of the ban proposed in the WCCSFCP part of the purpose is "...(to) reduce administrative costs associated with the burden placed on the college community related to smoking on campus."[2]. However there is no information that is cited on this statement and there is no budget cost of implementing this program. Would it cost more to maintain and implement the complete smoking ban on campus than it is to deal with the burden?

When looking at how this ban will be implemented there is nothing beyond a banning statement and signs around campus. How will this policy be enforced and what are the penalties for breaking it?

Who am I supposed to contact for more information on the proposed smoking ban? This information should have been in your proposal statement.

To: "roy" Comment by Anonymous (ID 1007), Who asked: "...(why) has been no email to the students notifying them of the forum on monday so are they going to have a voice?"[3]

The proposal states "...this policy implements Option 2 of UH executive Policy EP 10.102..."[2] which does not require notification of the student body to these changes, only personnel. Also in the proposal there is this line: "Materials explaining this Policy shall be sent to all employees and will be included with information given to newly admitted students and hired employees."[2], it does not state anything about current students. It does, however, state that "This policy will be communicated to the campus community via the Windward Community College website and campus-wide informational email blasts in its initial implementation..." There is nothing in all three statements requiring notification of current students before the implementation of the policy. This is fitting in that the open-discussion does not allow students to voice their opinion. There may or may not be a purposeful blocking of information here.

5/10, You tried to write a proposal but fell short on meeting all the important aspects. Go take a technical writing class and try again.

[1] [2]

>implying I'm going to put effort into proper citing format beyond source links
>just like your proposal

3/14/2015 3:37 PM

Friday, March 13, 2015

Make your voice heard!

New Smoke-Free Policy.

Donʻt be afraid to SPEAK UP!

Check out what faculty and staff are saying about the policy...

The open-discussion is not OPEN to students. and we want to give you an opportunity to be heard! If you have something to say post it as a comment here and weʻll submit online...


TRiO SSS Smoking Survey

Since there are quite a few smokers in TRiO SSS and PaiPai and as other campuses have given a survey on smoking concerns, TRiO SSS wants to hear your opinion on smoking at WCC.

Please take a few minutes to answer five questions concerning smoking on the WCC campus.

Click :// to answer the questions.

Don't forget that the Open Forum will be held at Akoakoa 101-105 on Monday, March 16 from 2:30 - 4:30pm. The campus can be smoke free, have designated smoking areas, or follow state smoking laws. Ultimately, the Chancellor has the power to make the decision as stated in UH Executive Policy E10.102 so he needs to hear your concerns.

Mahalo to Bryan Pope for the graphic.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Word Parts - alg, algesia, algia

One of the fastest ways to increase your vocabulary is by learning word parts, i.e., roots, prefixes, suffixes or forms.

The TRiO SSS Scoop will give you a new word part every so often so that you can begin to work on increasing your college vocabulary. Here's your word part for today...

alg, algesia, algia – pain
algesis – sense of pain
algein to suffer pain from algos-pain
analgesic – remedy that relieves pain; analgesia – absence of sense of pain; myalgia – pain in one of more muscles; algesthesia – hypersensitivity to pain; myoneuraligia – neuralgic pain in muscle; hypalgesia = diminished sensitivity to pain; algesimeter = instrument used to determine acuteness of pain perception; hyperalgesia = increased sensitivity to pain; adiposaligia – painful areas of subcutaneous fat; otalgia – earache; hypnalgia – pain occurring during sleep

Can you figure these out?

nostalgia, odontalgia, photalgia, psychalgia