Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Who Is Kaulana McCabe?

Kaulana joined TRiO SSS on March 2, 2010, Spring 2010. He joined TRiO SSS so he could take MATH 24 during the summer math program and ended up staying and staying and staying and ended up becoming a Peer Tutor and Peer Mentor. During that first summer, he earned the special pencil from Akatsuka---which he still proudly displays in his room to this day. He graduated with his AA from WCC Fall 2011 and transferred to the University of Hawaii at Manoa to major in social work. He earned his BSW in social work Spring 2014. He was admitted into the Master’s in Social Work Advanced Standing Program and was able to earn his master’s in one year, graduating with his MSW Spring 2015.

Things to note from the pictures:

Find Stanley and you find the key…hahahahahahahhaha…

Back in the day, graduates were lined up by cum gpa, from highest in the front, left to lowest in the back, right. See if you can find Kaulana…hahahahahahaha…

White kukui nut lei nice, eh…hahahahahahahah…

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The Other Side of Kaulana

Kaulana was an abled differently student when he first joined TRiO SSS---seriously; in more ways then you’ll ever know. He is an excellent bowler as he led the TRiO SSS bowling team to second place in the States---state of confusion and state of pathetic as the other team took first place. Although he does not like to walk and always takes the cart to Akoakoa, he surprised all of TRiO SSS by making it to the top of the Stairway to Heaven and took a great picture of TRiO SSS’ home. He says he can cook, but it is very hard to believe watching him in action at TRiO SSS events. He gets an C- for effort as he does sorta try and he can sorta serve food.

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The Hawaiian Side of Kaulana

While hula and chanting are not his strong suit, we must give him an A for effort and A- for temerity as he got up on stage and went for it (learned temerity in grad school and will never forget---old haole lady prof told us it means balls so now pass temerity on to you). Looking at the hula sequence, we hear…look at me and follow…very good...uh oh…pssst, huuuiii…very good…

As for chanting, we can hear the sweet and powerful voices of the women, the wisdom of silence from the men, and sit back amazed at the precision of the men’s lip sync…hahahahahahahah…

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Ocifer McCabe

Front and center Ocifer McCabe of the TRiO 5-0, Dolla Tree Eighty Unit. As a member of this elite four member unit, the unit has kept graduation as well as other TRiO SSS events safe and worry free. During one graduation, Ocifer McCabe was able to keep unaware (dizzy or stoned) individuals from walking into the procession. One of his most important busts was when he successfully confiscated TRiO SSS’ white graduation kukui nut leis from TRiO SSS imposters before they went on stage…mahalo Ocifer McCabe…

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So Who Is Kaulana McCabe?

Kaulana Parker McCabe is “TRiO for Life”…hahahahahahahahhahahah…Wishing you the best in your new journey as the 5th Director in the past 37 years of TRiO SSS at WCC. As some famous bruddah bruddah king guy said “Imua e nā poki‘i a inu i ka wai ‘awa‘awa, ‘a‘ohe hope e ho‘i mai ai” (‘okina’s and kahakō’s!...hahahahahahahah).

awl pau

No forget difference between dumb and stupid and you gotta keep the 37 year old chair…hahahahahaha…