Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Math Summer Bridge...

 Good Morning TRiO SSS and Paipai,

STARTS today @ 9am!  Stop by TRiO to get your textbook and don't forget to turn in your Rotary Club Scholarship that's due TODAY.  

PS.  TRiO SSS Summer Hours:  Monday to Friday; 8am to 5pm!

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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Interested in completing your Math or Natural Science requirement?

 Good Morning TRiO SSS and Paipai,

Just wanted to remind you about the FREE ONLINE math class (Math 88/103) being offered in the summer.  More info attached.

Also, our FREE F2F math summer bridge (Math 78/100) is being offered starting Tuesday, May 31st!  Complete the application attached. 

And did you register for Fall 22 semester?  
Schedule an appointment with your counselor or myself so you get the ideal classes.  If you haven't fulfilled your natural science requirements, see attachment for more info on Geology courses: ERTH101, ERT103, and ERTH101L!

PS.  TRiO SSS Summer Hours:  Monday to Friday; 8am to 5pm!
PSS.  Completed the Rotary Club Scholarship?  Deadline:  Tuesday, May 31st!

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Monday, May 23, 2022

Summer Session I starts TODAY

 Good Morning TRiO SSS and Paipai Ohana,

Happy Monday!!  First day of Instruction for Summer session I is TODAY, May 23, 2022!  

Attached is the Rotary Club of Hawaii Kai--Donald Aus Scholarship that's due this Monday, May 31, 2022 by 11:59pm!  Also, attached is the Math Summer Bridge Application for the FREE Math 78/100 class!  Get those documents in. 

PS.  TRiO SSS Summer hours:  Monday - Friday; 8am to 5pm.

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Friday, May 13, 2022

Pau Hana! YOU did it!!

 Good Morning TRiO SSS and Paipai,

Congratulations to all the TRiO SSS and Paipai members who graduated and participated in the graduation ceremony!  It was an amazing, memorable, wonderful time seeing you with your ohana and friends especially ON CAMPUS! Hope you enjoyed the onolicious bentos prepared by our very own Chef Dan Swift, Uala Cafe and sponsored by ASUH.  Up next is your BACHELORS!  Woot woot!  Continue walking on your path with fearlessness throughout your whole being.  Once again, congratulations and see you at TRiO SSS studying for your BACHELORS!  

If you rented books from us, please return them to TRiO SSS so that the other TRiO SSS participants can borrow them.  If you borrowed a laptop (chrome/mac), please return them to the library between 9am to 4pm .  If you need to extend, please call the library at 235-7436.

Our tentative summer hours are:  Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.   

Don't forget, scholarships, scholarships, scholarships are available.  If you're interested in working with the older adult population, going into the health field, social work or even business, check out the two fliers attached, Hawaii Pacific Gerontological Society and Tony Lenzer scholarships.  Also, the Rotary Club Scholarship is due Tuesday, May 31!  So come get some FREE money!

PS.  Signed up for your FREE Math 100 class?  Registered for your Fall 22 semester?  Call us ASAP!

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Today is the Last Day of Finals and Graduation!

 Zen is about being, not about knowing. – Yokoyama Roshi


Good Morning TRiO SSS and Paipai,


We are closing at 8pm tonight as it’s been a long haul for everybody, but we’ll be here for your studying needs until then.


We have cereal and fried rice for breakfast, leftovers for lunch and for dinner, we will be serving Lemon Herb Chicken with vegetables and rice, cake and ice cream after the graduation ceremony.


If you’d like to volunteer to help TRiO SSS set up, serve, or clean up for tonight’s graduation celebration, come by anytime as all and any help will be greatly appreciated.


Have a safe and relaxing summer vacation and be good. Also...


Congratulations to all the TRiO SSS and Paipai members graduating and for those of you walking in tonight’s ceremony, have a mostest wonderful walk, enjoy the happiness you bring to your family and friends, and then continue walking on your path with fearlessness throughout your whole being…(be sure to bring your family and friends and stop by for some onolicious Lemon Herb Chicken prepared by our very own Chef Dan).


ALL PAU…We will be closed this weekend, Saturday, 5/14 and Sunday, 5/15.  See you next semester…at least see those of you who studied and registered…bruhahahaha!

PS.  Did you register for fall? Pay your IOU’s? FREE Summer Math Course?

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Thursday, May 12, 2022

How'd You Like to Never Have to Work for the Rest of Your Life?

 Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. – Confucius

Good Morning TRiO SSS and Paipai,

TRiO SSS Tree Star Michelin Restaurant is OPEN from 7am until 7pm Friday, May 13 for your studying convenience and serving FREE coffee from 5pm to midnight. TRiO SSS has FREE meals, FREE snacks, FREE printing, FREE place to give yourself a break, FREE hot showers, FREE cold showers and Da Eye for motivation.

For today, TRiO SSS is serving up FREE breakfast---all kine cereal with ice cold milk, fruits, doughnuts, and muffins.  Meals with a Mission lunch prepared by Chef Dan and his wonderful crew!  Tonight’s dinner menu is Niibu's Teri Beef Chicken Katsu!  Right before dinner, learn how to ease your stress with some mental health strategies as we focus on Self Care at 4:30pm!  See attachment for more info!  

To all the TRiO SSS and Paipai graduates walking tomorrow night: After the ceremony, please bring your family and friends to the back lanai and for one last time, come enjoy the onolicious lemon herb chicken with vegetables and rice prepared by our very own Chef Dan and his amazing crew!  Congratulations!  #urock #waytogo  #nextupisyourbachelors #soproudofyou

PS.  Please pay your IOU's before you go.
PSS.  #rachellesheppardpiewaskillazndawinnaz

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